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NextStep® Antegrade Hemodialysis Catheterization Set Long-Term Access• Catheter Length, Tip to Cuff: 31 cm
quantity/case - Sold Individually
CE Marked - Yes
1000Catheter Assembly: 15 Fr x 12-3/16" (31 cm) with Extension Line Clamps
1000SmartSeal™ Hemostatic Dialysis Sheath: 16 Fr• x 5" (13 cm)
1000Spring-Wire Guide: •038" (0•97 mm) dia• x 39-1/2" (100 cm) PTFE-Coated (Straight Stiff Tip on One End - "J" Tip on Other) with Arrow Advancer™
1000Introducer Needle: 18 Ga• x 2-1/2" (6•35 cm) XTW
1000Tissue Dilator: 12 Fr•
1000Tissue Dilator: 14 Fr•
2000Luer-Lock Cap
1000Dressing: Tegaderm®8 10 cm x 12 cm
1000CSR Wrap
1000Safety Scalpel: #11
1000SharpsAway II™ Locking Disposal Cup
1000Patient ID Card
1000Preloaded Tunneler (metal) with Tunneling Sheath
167Surgical Tape: Transpore™3 1" x 54" Roll

1A registered trademark of CareFusion or one of its subsidiaries.

2Licensed under US Patent No. 6,706,024.


4Licensed under US Patent No. RE37,814.

5Licensed under US Patent No. 5,019,096.

6Licensed under US Patent Nos. 6,706,024; 6,872,195 and 7,329,412.

7A trademark of Becton Dickinson and Company.

8A registered trademark of 3M Company.