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Central Venous Catheters

Literature code Description
2008-0088  07/10 Right Patient, Right Catheter Brochure
2008-0240  (07/09) Maximal Barrier Precautions Tray
AGB-CC  (08/05) ARROWg+ard® Savings Calculator - see also the online version of the calculator, click here

Embolectomy Catheters

Literature code Description
EMB-C  (09/05) Arrow Arterial Embolectomy Catheter

Hemodialysis Products

Literature code Description
2011-0043  (05/11) ARROWg+ard BLUE®ACUTE HEMODIALYSIS CATHETER In the ErgoPack™ System
AES-C  (07/06) Arrow Edge® Antegrade-Tunneled Chronic Hemodialysis Catheter
AHD-M  (06/05) Arrow Chronic Hemodialysis Catheters - Reorder Card
ASP-C  (03/05) Arrow Simplicity™ - Color-Coded Micro-Puncture Introducer Set
ASP-CD  (03/05) Compact Disk Describing the Arrow Cannon® II Plus - Retrograde-Tunneled, Tip-First Chronic Hemodialysis Catheter and Arrow Simplicity™ - The Color-Coded Micro-Puncture Introducer Set. Click here to view this video via the web.
CAN II-C  (04/06) Arrow Cannon II Plus - Retrograde-Tunneled, Tip-First Chronic Hemodialysis Catheter
CAN II-P  (03/05) Arrow Cannon II Plus - Retrograde-Tunneled, Tip-First Chronic Hemodialysis Catheter - Insertion Poster
CAN-II M  03/04 Arrow Cannon Catheter™ Site Care Card
HEM-C  (10/06) Arrow Acute Hemodialysis Catheters
SSL-S  (09/05) Arrow SmartSeal™ Hemostatic Peelable Dialysis Sheath

Percutaneous Thrombolytic Devices (PTD)®

Literature code Description
PTD-C  (01/06) Arrow-Trerotola™ PTD® Percutaneous Thrombolytic Device
PTD-P  (02/06) Arrow-Trerotola PTD Percutaneous Thrombolytic Device Insertion Poster

Peripheral Catheters

Literature code Description
PIC-C  (03/06) Arrow PICC - Reducing Risk to Improve Outcomes
PIC-P  (07/06) Arrow PICC Insertion Poster - Step-by-step Guide to Safe Placement
PIPIC-C  (12/06) Arrow Pressure Injectable PICC Kit

Regional Anesthesia Products

Literature code Description
EPD-S  (04/07) Arrow Epidural Products - Clinician-inspired Products for Regional Anesthesia